Passion is a Must | Emotion is a Bust

Passion vs Emotion

Whether you have founded a for profit or nonprofit or you are just very passionate about your gig within a huge corporation or even a small group, we need passion to fuel our engine to achieve mission success. Passion is what gets us through the dark times and let me tell you there are dark time when starting, owning, founding or merely operating in an organization that is not just a job to you.

With that being said, we are human. We walk in the flesh. The flesh likes what the flesh likes. Emotion generally drives fleshly inclinations. The flesh will cause you to react whether you are happy, sad or fightin’ mad. Liken it to making a decision while you are drunk or high. We tend to over commit forcing ourselves to under deliver later or we make rash decisions that we quickly come to regret. When this occurs, things can quickly get very dangerous resulting in catastrophic very difficult to recover from consequences & situations.

We want to learn how to acknowledge the emotions we are feeling and how to manage those emotions for the best outcome. You are not wrong or bad for the emotions that you are experiencing. Those emotions bubble up because of very real world circumstances- both outstandingly wonderful and disastrously bad.

In those heated conversations or all out wars that occur in the work place or board room from time to time, you may even be in the right and you probably are but in order to do unconventional warfare on those that quite possibly are in the wrong even being corrupt individuals, we must learn self-discipline when it comes to our emotions. Its a strategic career investment and a personal investment really.

This goes for both male (yes, testosterone has been known for causing trouble) and female leaders. The idea that females tend to be more emotionally charged and have a more difficult time controlling their emotions is as old as time but - the jigs up, fellas, you succumb to your emotions too. You may even need this more then the ladies. You actually have created wars because of your unbridled emotion (i.e. think Helena of Troy).

I digress. Let’s not go there right now.

When we lead with emotion including happiness, we tend to overcommit and under deliver and/or make reckless or even dangerous impetuous decisions that may be detrimental even catastrophic to individuals or the department and entire organization costing the organizations thousands financially and in social currency.

Unbridled emotion fuels ego and arrogance. Ego and arrogance sometimes comes in the guise of self confidence and skill. That is false.

Being mindful of your emotions and understanding how to manage those emotions are key to becoming emotionally and professionally mature. I encourage all leaders at every level to consider incorporating mindfulness training and coaching into their organizations. It will pay dividends and not only improve your professional relationships and career but will possibly improve your parenting, marriage and personal friendships.

This advice comes from a female that has worked and supported all male units (being the only female in a board room full of Green Berets) and worked in male dominant industries her entire career. Aside from my professional experience, I come from a very emotionally charged Irish family where ego, pride and arrogance reigns.

So, it takes one to know one or as the old saying goes it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. I’m not only the hair club president but I’m a member of the hair club. I could go on forever with the “old sayings”. Point is, I have learned this lesson the hard way like I learn most of the lessons I’ve learned in life. This is why JPG includes mindfulness training for executives, boards and operational teams. A solid foundation will lead to a successful career and business and more peace in your personal life.

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